Even inanimate objects have to deal with stupid gender norms. Let me tell you a story: My purrsonal finance book kept getting put in the “women” section of bookstores and was described as a “women’s finance book” by publishing agents. It has no content specific to any gender - it’s for anyone that feels overwhelmed and left out of traditional personal finance. . It has a lot of cats. . But for some reason, maybe because the author has a traditionally feminine name (and clearly men can’t take finance advice from women) or because cats are somehow “only for girls” - or maybe because a slight salmon colored cover make it “pink” and therefore only for women?! . Well, I’m sick of it. I hate gender norms forced on anyone or anything and I don’t want to get shoehorned into the “women’s finance” category. Lots of people like cats. And pink. And I can give advice to anyone regardless where they fall on the gender spectrum (or exist entirely outside of it.) . But I caved and changed my cover to blue. Because that is a “boy’s color” and maybe it will keep me from ending up stuck in a “lady corner” of bookshops and publishing schedules. So here’s the new cover (and title.) . You can pre-order the new *coughbullshit* gender neutral edition starting next Tuesday on Kickstarter. Sign up to get notified when it’s out at the link in my bio. . . . . #cats #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #purrsonalfinance #publishing #selfpublishing #kickstarter #pinkisforboys #pinkisforeveryone #personalfinance #personalfinancebywomen #enby #catlady #catdude #catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #feministfinance