13 countries, 9 metro rail transit Systems, 9 nights on trains, 1 ferry, and a Wednesday that lasted 40 hours and I am home.
Checked in to Natalie's Candy Jar
San Francisco, United States of America
Checked in to Gate 50B
San Francisco, United States of America
Checked in to TSA Precheck
San Francisco, United States of America
Checked in to Terminal 2
San Francisco, United States of America
Checked in to SFO AirTrain
San Francisco, United States of America
Checked in to Mission Dolores
San Francisco, United States of America
Checked in to Bi-Rite Market
San Francisco, United States of America
Checked in to Whole Foods Market
San Francisco, United States of America
Checked in to Samovar Tea Bar
San Francisco, United States of America
Reallll fast
Checked in to Global Entry Kiosk
San Francisco, United States of America
No line for first
I am terrible at shopping
Omg omg omg
The cutest vegan bakery
I made it to Seoul!
Umm so yea I get I giant pod to myself... this makes flying fun
Why yes I am reading vogue September issue in Chinese
Headed to Seoul
I couldn't not check in here for the commentary
So hard to leave the dorm cave
Time to get ready for a day out!
Such a cute cafe, with free wifi.
Rainy hungry face
New style icon
ATM run
There are 5 competing sound systems here
Very hip metro design
Here goes dinner
Okay, it's dark and smells a bit like smoke despite being nonsmoking but I found it, and that is what counts.
My hostel Does not appear to exist. Time to regroup and make A new plan
Took 25 mins to acquired but done
I would like to marry this train. Kthxbye
Made it and only kinda had a heart attack
Cannot find the fucking ticket office
Home is where the hutong is
Omg I found the hipster hutong!
Never too many arrows
So good I came back. The menu is like 50 pages minimum.
New hair though not quite as short as I wanted!
Just mailed 85 postcards!
Back home!
I need a shirt
Clearly this is my station
Good thing I am going the other way
Fast as fuck shopping trip
Just spilled coffee all over myself. Keep going? Buy new shirt? Go back and Change?
New glasses and coffee
Back at hostel
Unreasonably cute treehouse cafe in 161 hotel
Hotel is cute! But most importantly, has a shower. My room does have the worst view
Waiting for train departure
Waiting for train departure
They are playing intense anthem like music over loudspeaker
Welcome to Ulan-ude, border town!
Checked in to Lake Baikal
Irkutsk Oblast, Russian Federation
Biggest freshwater lake in the world
Morning from Siberia.
Checked in to Иланский
городское поселение Иланский, Russian Federation
Rainy 22 minute stop
So sweaty but we're off!
Last time before leaving Moscow 😿
There are no bkeels in this city
I came here uninventively for the the outlets and the guaranteed vegan food
Hipsters are the same everywhere
Bye sweet capsule
Admit I am only here for the cords
I may have overpaid but I got on!
I may be in love with a train station
An Amерикано!
Cool building
Picked up my ticket! I need a haircut and coffee. One I can order in Russian.
Home sweet creepy hostel
Back at hostel.
Here for the view.
Yeaaaa I am here for the wifi
Cute and modest accomodation. Homemade capsules. Took quite awhile to find.
Checked in to Russia (Россия)
городское поселение Мишеронский, Russian Federation
In America, your passport gets stamped, in Russia, passport stamps you. #russia #travel #whysomanycustomsofficers
Russian customs
Customs stop. Listening to bowie's station to station. Wish me luck.
Doing yoga on the train
This is the cutest teahouse i have ever been to.
Got snacks for train
Very hip!
This is clearly a bus stop. Do not know if it is the right one.
Headed to my bus in 1 hr
Escaped with vegan ramen and snacks for bus!
Worth the 20zl to come up.
Tallest building in the EU
Beautiful public space
Coffee bike
Just a reminder that Poland is very very catholic.
Shooting time lapses
I was told to come, so I came
Time for the railway museum! Only $3.50 regular price. All have English title cards
Every damn metro should have live boards. Essential tourist tech.
This place is adorable
Time to go see warsaw
This place has from what I can tell, themed shots
Intense shot bar
My room is called tweet tweet
Now for snacks
Umm there's just a giant Jesus on the side of the train
The other Frankfurt.
Listening to station to station is the only appropriate album for this train.
Last club mate
Win brezeln
Off to poland!
Morning from berlin! Let's go to Poland. On a choo choo! 🚊👩🏽‍💼
Mmmm vegan curry wurst #veganfood
I am backkkk!!!
It is so the same!
I missed you, Berlin.
Serious seat reservation confusion.
Ich leibe diese Bahnhof.
And I have only 20 mins again for my connection. Need to fill waterbottle though.
Hallo Deutschland!
I did it, good thing my shoes are awesome for running. 3 mins to spare.
I have 10 mins to make my next train: can I do it?
Hello from France!
Tea for train
Dammit I left my waterbottle at my couchsurfing host's
Morning from London
Hello wales! Nice to meet you. Or yn braf i gwrdd â chi!
Not too shabby. I could get into this ferry thing.
Good morning from Dublin! Now is from when I officially start the "trains and boats" portion of this journey.
Morning hostel cuppa before the ferry
Back for the night. This hostel has a tunnel and a teenage french couple making out in my room.
I know it is uncool to come to the same restaurant twice in a short trip, but I was hungry and this was close, delicious, cheap, and open.
Last day of leakycon!
Last proper day in Dublin!
2nd to last luas of the night
Back for the night
Back at leakycon
Just commuting with my coffee
Been awake since 3:30 due to jetlag.
Sleep tight!!
Tea in an Irish pub. The Snug is apparently the word for a cozy inside atmosphere, particularly around the holidays.
Rainbow on the bridge
I came here because foursquare told me I had to and it is raining
Not too shabby
Trying to get a SIM. Quite a queue.
Vegan Irish Breakfast. First stop of the day. #veganfood
Checked in to Sbarro
Boston, United States of America
Hanging out waiting for spot to do its thang
Why hello Boston, my old friend! Won't be stopping, headed to Ireland instead!
Checked in to Gate B11
SeaTac, United States of America
I am back!!
Checked in to Aqua Terra
SeaTac, United States of America
Using my voucher!
So my plans for the night changed. But sleep in a bed instead of a plane is rad!
Short hop to Seattle
Checked in to Concourse A
Portland, United States of America
Longest precheck yet, 8mins15secs. 4 Randomized people for backscatter in a row
See you in a month Portland.