This is what my face looks like when it turns out your "railway station" hostel is actually 13 miles from the railways station you came in on, and so you spend an hour on transit (after 20 mins in line to buy tickets) and walk 25 mins with a 17lb backpack in the pouring rain only to discover... there is nothing at the address gave you. You email the property, and of course they tell you to get on wechat, which you can't activate in a public place because it is too loud and it only does voice activation... so now you're at Starbucks, unable to use their wifi because they don't believe in your Chinese phone number which is apparently a special useless foreigner phone #. And then you just decide that you're going to book a hotline 4-star hotel as close as possible. So...this is my face after I spent $50 on a room when I already had a hostel booked. Because my hostel appears to not exist. I am doing nothing else today except maybe work out in my 4-star hotel gym. #travel #fuckups #charmedlife #notasglamourousasitlooks #china #shanghai