Packing List

Clothing (4.5lb total)

Everyday Clothing (2.4lb in packing cube)

  • Drapey wool ibex pullover - black
  • Black & White Polka Dot Polyester (quick drying) shirt
  • Drapey wool icebreaker tank top - purple
  • Icebreaker V-neck tee- teal
  • Icebreaker Dress with hood and pockets
  • Map Scarf (makes anything a whole new outfit/covers my head in temples and churches)
  • Scott-E Vest Cardigan with zip inner pockets
  • Modcloth brand lightweight teal skirt with hand pockets
  • Scott-E black skirt with pockets
  • 2 pair quick dry underwear
  • Base layer leggings
  • Running/money belt
  • Fashion Belt (hides my money belt with pizazz!)
  • 2 underwire bras (lightweight, no padding)
  • 1 sports bra (quick drying)
  • Fast-drying capri leggings (for under skirts, working out, and lounging/bed on the train)
  • 3 pairs tights - gray, dark red, black
  • 2 x Fast-drying underwear
  • 2 pairs socks (1 smartwool, 1 sports cotton)

Other Clothing/Shoes not in cube

  • tiny tiny folding mesh slippers (for inside overnight trains and hostels)
  • Ahnu closed-toe shoes (.7 lbs)
  • Yellow bowler cap (can be folded)
  • Nau rain shell (worn or packed in bag)
  • Remonte fancy sneakers (lined with anti-microbial wool.) - my attempt to strike the balance between "all day comfort while walking ~5 miles with an 18lb pack" and "can totally go out to dinner without people staring at my feet".
  • Multimedia equipment (lb total)

    This is partially a business trip for me, so producing media while on the road is essential. That being said, it’s also important to not overpack heavy media equipment or raise false suspicions of being a journalist (I’m not) while traveling in Russia and China, since I am not traveling on a journalist visa.

    • Nikon D5600 with 18-140mm VR lens
    • Lightweight collapsible tripod
    • 2TB External Hard Drive for Backups (I will not have access to fast enough internet for cloud backups for most of the trip and SD cards are not reliable media)
    • Lav Mic (for recording podcasts)
    • Gecko mount for shooting through glass - I am hoping to get timelapses out the train window

    Media things I left behind that almost made the cut:

    • Shur Lenshopper Camera Mic - it is awkward and a bit fragile to cram in a pack
    • My Zoom H3 recorder- it's light and cute but my iPhone with a lav mic is about as good, and I don't want any extra weight
    • DIY hood for shooting from the train - will use black sweater wrapped around camera

    Electronics (lb total)

  • Macbook Air 11”- The best, ever, most portable computer
  • Earbuds - For both running and listening to music
  • Kindle - For long train rides
  • Power Brick - Supposed to power my phone for up to a week
  • USB hub
  • GPS Beacon Spot Trace - That powers the live updates on this website (thanks to Aaron PK)
  • AAA high-capacity batteries for Spot
  • Fitbit Flex 2
  • Pebble Watch (I will wear this til it dies, RIP Pebble)
  • SIM card for Europe (to switch in Russia + China)
  • Electronic Flotsam (lb total)

    • Unlocked iPhone SE
    • SD Card Reader for iPhone
    • SD Card Reader
    • Macbook Air Charger
    • Universal Wall Adapter
    • Tiny European USB plug
    • iPhone Cable
    • Short micro cable
    • Normal Micro Cable
    • Pebble charger
    • Fitbit charge

    Toiletries/Medication (1.3lbs)

    • Enbrel shots X 2
    • Rubbing Alcohol Wipes (for medication)
    • Diva Cup
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Deodorant
    • Dry Soap/Shampoo
    • Lubriderm
    • Retin-A and Clindamyacin
    • BB cream
    • Hair mousse
    • Bobby pins
    • Round Brush

    Stuff + Things

    • Folding Waterbottle
    • Inkwell Press Pocket A5 Notebook - incredible paper, lightweight
    • 3 Pens
    • 1 roll washi tape (for taping in tickets/stubs into my journal)
    • Foldable Day Pack - got this from the WDS conference, will use to fill with food for the longest train rides instead of a frustrating plastic bag, and can use during the day
    • Cable Lock for Hostels or to lock my day bag
    • Pack Towel - Always bring your towel
    • Cord Organizer Bag - Did you see all the electronics I am bringing?
    • Small Screwdriver - To change out spot batteries
    • Small RFID proof wallet - My last trip to Europe I just stuffed all my cash into a pocket on my bag. It was really stupid. This is the best, most lightweight wallet I've seen that is vegan (non-leather) AND has a coin pocket (for all those damn Euro coins - seriously, why do they need a 2 cent coin?)
    • Woollite travel packets - for doing laundry


    • Pocket Packing Checklist- To prevent leaving things behind, in first page of notebook
    • Chase Sapphire Reserve - Main credit card with no foreign transaction fee (fun fact- Chase points paid for the flights to Dublin and home from China!)
    • USAA DebitCard - ATM Fee free cash
    • Passport - Obviously. Have gotten Russian + Chinese Visas; As an American, I can travel visa-free in Ireland, England, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Mongolia and South Korea
    • Passport card - backup ID I can store in wallet separate from passport
    • Printed German Train Tickets on A4 paper - they are sticklers about that
    • All confirmation numbers and hotels written down by hand AND offline on my phone

    Things I am not bringing that people recommended

  • Thermos with lid for trans-mongolian - I plan to purchase one in Moscow, perhaps, but I can’t justify hauling it around western Europe
  • Silk Sheet sack - Just cannot justify the space, also I am REALLY REALLY good at sleeping anywhere
  • Eyemask - I haven’t needed one yet