Posts from United States

Dropping off 24 copies
First time back post Covid
Voted no contact!
117K early flight home from standby
Looking for standby hope
6 min 56 secs
Last skate before Austria
Shot a documentary
Beignet day!
Zamboni broken
100th livestream today!
Went on a run because it is so nice
Such a nice day
Crowded shit show
Book drop off
Omg this target doesn’t suck
Hot girl fall is delicious — with aaronpk
3 mins 34 secs — with aaronpk
Last Mexican before europe
Apparently there is another one at the B gates that is often less crowded — with aaronpk
Plane snacks
BONB resupply
Aaron is in Germany and I am in German class😅
Late checkin -9am
Rink is closed because the power is out again
Trillium HH
Final OTO of 2021
Nach eiszentrum
7.8 miles
Nectar is popping Post pandemic!
4.3 mile Run
Lolita meet up
Lower leg
Don’t wanna run run
Odd Tuesday outing!
Cat ride!
New fancy CVS
Counter is closed through august 15
First time back
Too hot
Checked in to Calabra
Santa Monica, United States
6 mins 33 secs - new configuration. — with aaronpk
OTO has landed
Kickoff ride pre ride
Target pickup in a ballgown
Run with kim
I get a milkshake
Why is is a neighborhood market
The final document out
Lil track walk after hill workout
2.79 miles
Apparently it is cash only god this place is terrible
First run back after time change! Starting Nike run club’s half marathon program
Notary appt
Book drop off for pay it furward