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Clothing swap!
Umm I accidentally got here an hour early
Portland society meetup
Post work cafe journaling
Ladds 500
Hanging with Jack
Late check in
Precheck 8:06
Back with no sleep baby
Let’s sleep like 3 hours lol
In a fun turn of events
Weather is just so bad I expect flight will be delayed
No precheck open but no shows off- 7 min 46 sec with a bag getting flagged
10 minutes 3 seconds mixed precheck
3 min 22 secs
Morning edition
Beignet Day!
Less than 4 mins even checking skates
4 mins 10 secs but my skates got through
Late check-in
Ukrainian Cultural festival
Forgot it is a holiday
Why not
Late check in for some reason it didn’t go
Max down
Holiday express !
Late check in
They are playing Portland’s Christmas station ugh
We’re all doomed — with aaronpk
Secret roller disco at the Lloyd
Zombie prep
What are the pumpkins trees!
Water stop — with aaronpk
Bivalent Booster! About an hour wait
Sharps drop off
Fancy Mondays
Dad bday!
Clue ride
Clue ride
Clue ride
Jumpsuit ride!!
Too hot for a proper run, did 2 miles
Unionized Starbucks store, about to close tho
Fancy Mondays!
Rabbitt memorial ride
Meeting with dan!
Provisioning supplies
Automatic didn’t work
2 minutes 37 seconds — with aaronpk
First time flying since pre Covid. Taking off super late
No precheck for air New Zealand 16 minutes 6 seconds
Standby success
Checked in to Gate E9
San Francisco, United States
Checked in to Terminal 3
San Francisco, United States
10m45 at 4:15am!
Clothing swap
Lolita swap meet
Bike swap!
Secret roller disco
Solstice coffee
Clothing swap!
Already a queue at 7:03
Behind the scenes kmikeym live
Almost forgot donuts
PDX coffee outside
Pedalpalooza kickoff
First Pedalpalooza Event of 2022!
Dropping off 24 copies
First time back post Covid
Voted no contact!
117K early flight home from standby
Looking for standby hope
6 min 56 secs
Last skate before Austria
Shot a documentary
Beignet day!
Zamboni broken
100th livestream today!
Went on a run because it is so nice
Such a nice day
Crowded shit show
Book drop off
Omg this target doesn’t suck
Hot girl fall is delicious — with aaronpk
3 mins 34 secs — with aaronpk
Last Mexican before europe
Apparently there is another one at the B gates that is often less crowded — with aaronpk
Plane snacks
BONB resupply
Aaron is in Germany and I am in German class😅
Late checkin -9am
Rink is closed because the power is out again
Trillium HH
Final OTO of 2021
Nach eiszentrum
7.8 miles
Nectar is popping Post pandemic!
4.3 mile Run
Lolita meet up
Lower leg
Don’t wanna run run
Odd Tuesday outing!
Cat ride!
New fancy CVS
Counter is closed through august 15
First time back
Too hot
Checked in to Calabra
Santa Monica, United States
6 mins 33 secs - new configuration. — with aaronpk
OTO has landed
Kickoff ride pre ride
Target pickup in a ballgown