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Strategy sess with Mia
Field reporting
Never been to this one before
Late checkin after sleeping there
Late checkin
Rides are now $2.80
I thought it was supposed to be getting lighter outside
Checked in to CafeX
San Francisco, United States
5 mins 14 secs
Reporting hat on
Pickup takeout
Betty loud who
Didn’t get anything
Vtopia popup
Changed gates on us
6 mins 51sec
3 mins 34 seconds through
Wool sale
Nextgen presentations
Crazy foggy commute
Here for a work thing
Swan Lake
sad chips and salsa
Dora vet pickup
Okay but I wasn’t gonna leave the house today but came for this even though it is late
Mexican food at Croatia fest
Not in line anymore
Waiting in the line — with aaronpk, JK
Surprisingly cool building
Secret roller disco
Bike Happy Hour
Still not open for skating
Pre ride burrito
4:54 — with aaronpk
Late check in
Pride weekend commute was lit
Late checkin
Late because of a wild crash and homicide blocking 8 blocks on the way in next to my house
Back again
Need food lol
Dance on way home!
JK coming sooner
Checked in to 76
Portland, United States
Tail end of pdx coffee outside
Clothing swap!
Umm I accidentally got here an hour early
Portland society meetup
Post work cafe journaling
Ladds 500
Hanging with Jack
Late check in
Precheck 8:06
Back with no sleep baby
Let’s sleep like 3 hours lol
In a fun turn of events
Weather is just so bad I expect flight will be delayed
No precheck open but no shows off- 7 min 46 sec with a bag getting flagged
10 minutes 3 seconds mixed precheck
3 min 22 secs
Morning edition
Beignet Day!
Less than 4 mins even checking skates
4 mins 10 secs but my skates got through
Late check-in
Ukrainian Cultural festival
Forgot it is a holiday
Why not
Late check in for some reason it didn’t go
Max down